Home Opinion “Words Matter: Uncovering the Distorted Media Lens on Protesters and Anti-Eritrean Hooligans”

“Words Matter: Uncovering the Distorted Media Lens on Protesters and Anti-Eritrean Hooligans”


Article by: Auet Melache

@EriStarukMedia EYE LEVEL Productions.


In the realm of Western nations, it remains an unfortunate reality that protesters advocating against police brutality and economic inequality are often unjustly vilified by the mainstream media, unfairly labelled as “thugs” or “insurgents.” Strangely enough, even violent anti-Eritrean hooligans are celebrated and glorified by the same media outlets. This glaring double standard calls attention to the tremendous influence that words hold and the biases present within the realm of journalism.

1. The Dehumanization of Protesters:

Within contemporary Western societies, the media’s depiction of protesters rallying against police brutality and economic disparities is distressingly negative. By labelling them as “thugs” or “insurgents,” these individuals are immediately stripped of their humanity, discrediting their legitimate grievances. The hazardous practice of labelling perpetuates a narrative that dismisses the underlying concerns of these marginalized groups, ultimately hindering the potential for meaningful societal change.

2. The Romanticization of Anti-Eritrean Hooligans:

Conversely, specific media outlets have a tendency to romanticize and exalt ruthless individuals involved in anti-Eritrean activities. These hooligans, resorting to violence and destruction, are portrayed as heroic figures fighting for a cause. This preferential treatment not only distorts the true nature of their actions but also overlooks the harm they inflict on innocent individuals and the potential consequences of their misguided pursuits.

3. The Power of Language: The stark contrast in how these two groups of individuals are depicted highlights the immense power wielded by the media in shaping public perception. The choice of words used to describe protesters versus anti-Eritrean hooligans reveals an unequivocal bias, reinforcing existing societal inequalities. Journalists and media organizations play a critical role in shaping public opinion, and it is vital that this power is used responsibly and ethically to ensure fair and accurate coverage.


The existence of double standards within mainstream media concerning protesters and anti-Eritrean hooligans emphasizes the significance of language and the biases that permeate journalistic reporting.

By dehumanizing one group while glorifying another, the media undeniably influences society’s perception and understanding of these crucial issues. It is crucial for journalists, news outlets, and readers alike to be cognizant of these biases and strive for accurate, unbiased reporting. Let us endeavor to foster a media landscape that promotes fairness, balance, and the amplification of all voices.